Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oodles Of Fun

Spider man cake - YUM!

Time and energy are in short supply this week so blog is going to short and weak (oops Freudian slip - I meant to say sweet!!) The remainder of our Maritime vacation was sublime! We had the most amazing hot and humid weather (my skin thanks you Nova Scotia!) and some fantastic days. I spent many hours in Victoria Park running and exploring the trails. Christian played with his cousins, spent time with Nanny and of course played some golf with his daddy. We attempted the outdoor pool at Victoria Park but Christian found the water just a bit too cool. Christian asked Chris why he wasn’t cold in the water and Chris said it was because he had more ‘padding’ and Christian said, “Isn’t it just because you have more fat?”

Waterfalls at Victoria Park
The kids really enjoyed kicking the soccer ball around at Nanny’s, jumping on Aunty Judy’s trampoline and playing ball with Aunty Paula. There was an abundance of family to play with and it truly made our vacation extra special. We had a relaxing bonfire at Uncle Kenny and Kim’s house and a day trip down to Halifax for the biggest slice of pizza I have ever had and of course, Cow’s ice cream. The trip was topped off by the most excellent 4th birthday party put on by Nanny Marilyn. It was a Spiderman extravaganza complete with Spiderman balloons, presents, decorations and superb Spiderman cake home made by aunty Denise and Annette. Many special guests came to wish Christian a very merry birthday and it made the day exceptional to know that all of these people are thinking about our family and praying for Christian. Norman and Margie, Richard and Darlene, Marilyn, Grammy Ardith, Edna, Susan, Sharili and of course the whole Mackenzie clan!
Soccer at Nanny Lous
We flew home late on Monday night (we won’t even get into the late night flight with three small children and non functioning tv’s!) and Tuesday was the day of reckoning. Christian had to be at the hospital early for his admission to the unit for big chemo and Chris was heading back to work. Thank goodness for Grammy who picked up the slack with Ryan and Evelyn. And of course we knew things would not run according to OUR grand plan. Just before discharged on Wednesday Christian ended up getting a fever and our Oncologist decided at 1030pm that Christian needed to stay. So I called Chris to have him come back to the hospital so he could stay the night with Christian. He was released nice and early the next day and we have spent the rest of the week trying to re organize our lives and help Chris get set up back at school. On top of all of this both Christian and I got sick (my first cold or illness since Christian was diagnosed). So we spent all of our hospital time in isolation and I had to wear a lovely blue mask around the hospital. I looked quite stunning!
Papa Norm and Margie

Birthday Party Bash!
Molly, Aunt Judy, Christian, Daniel, Uncle Rich, Darlene

I just realized my short and sweet blog has become a long and drawn out. Anyways it is what it is. Good life motto. Don’t stress about the things that you cannot control.  So we are enjoying the rest of our long weekend and looking forward to all the exciting activities of next week. Christian will be starting pre-school on Tuesday, Chris’ birthday and of course the man of the hour will have his fourth birthday on Monday. We will be having an open house birthday party for Christian on Friday - details to follow.  I will try to write a little more often now that life is semi back to normal. Thanks for reading
Family Pic in Victoria Park 

Today I am thankful for:
1.     Sudafed
2.     Sleeping in my own bed
3.     Waking up from a nap with Evelyn Cuddled into my sideJ
Jaccobs Ladder with Aunty Sarah and Nick

Playing ball with Aunty Paula

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