Friday, September 30, 2011

God's Hands

I am not sure where to start. I always find writing my blog easy and the words just seem to flow out of me like they are coming from a deeper source. Sometimes I go back and read my blogs and I wonder who wrote those words because I don’t remember writing them.
Today, as some of you may already know, Christian had a scan to help us try and sort out some of his tummy troubles. Within hours of writing my last blog (tuesday night) Chris, Christian and I made a 1:00am dash to the hospital with Christian screaming in pain. It was very scary and I felt very helpless. However 30 minutes into our drive he fell asleep and seem quite calm and pain free. In fact on the drive home from the hospital at 4:00am we had to stop at McDonalds for some French fries and ketchup, at his insistence! When we got home he ate almost the whole lot and drifted off into sleep. 

So we had a scan today, almost 9 weeks earlier than planned, so that we could figure out exactly what to do to help him feel better. I since have spoken with Christian’s oncologist. We were told that the tumor area is larger than it was in his most recent last scan. He was quick to point of that this could be for many reasons. Firstly the tumor appears to be full of fluid. This is the good scenario that would mostly likely mean the tumor is already a dead mass with a hollow centre and swelling as a result of the tissues dying off. Or it maybe that a blood vessel has bled into the tumor. Also a fine scenario. The not fine scenario is that the tumor has developed a resistance to his chemotherapy treatments. 
We spoke very briefly on the phone so I don’t’ really know the whole picture but I think the main consensus, and there are many more professionals who will be involved in future planning, is that Christian needs to have his tumor removed. They need to do this in order to determine what EXACTLY and accurately is going on inside Christian’s body. The surgery is very complicated, as it will require Christian being put on a heart/lung bypass machine while they graft in a new vessel where his tumor is lodged into his current vessel.  A bit scary, A lot scary. Now more than ever we need prayers to stream forth so that we can have healing, safe and effective surgery and an optimal tumor prognosis (which will occur once the tumor is outside his body).  I am at a loss for words tonight except to say that Chris and I are trying our best to put this in God’s hands and let Him take hold of the reigns. We will try to find the good in this situation – even though the scenario is beyond terrifying for Chris and I. Surgery will most likely happen within the next week or two. I will try to update the blog as we learn more details. As I type this Christian is talking about finishing his chemo so that he can go to Nova Scotia and go somewhere warm so he can go golfing with daddy. Please pray……..
DS with Everett - awesome!

Today I am thankful for:
1.     Midnight trips to Wallmart with Christian in his red jammies for chips and ice cream
2.     My back feeling better
3.     Hands of prayer – thanks Loralie
Ryan being a good helper!?


  1. I talked to your Mom last nite and I'll admit it hit me hard but after reading your blog I'm feeling a lot more positive - the surgery is serious business but it may get rid of the cancer once and for all. Sending positive vibes and lots of love from the Terry household. Love Aunty Janice.

  2. Our family will pray for you during this time!

    The Tonelli Family

  3. Your family and especially Christian are in our families prayers.
    God Bless.

  4. Praying here in Nova Scotia for Christian's healing, protection and divine health!

  5. I have no words Megan. I love you all and hold you in my thoughts always.

  6. I have been following your blog for awhile now, and am so inspired by you and your family - especially Christian! What fighters you all are. Know that strangers are keeping your family in their hearts and prayers too!

  7. I too follow your blog and talk to people who know people who know you, so the prayer chain is long and working! As a parent of a child who has had numerous surgeries there is a light at the end of the tunnel and health will be restored. Keep the faith. :>))