Friday, September 23, 2011

Fevers, Pillows and Smurfs!

Hanging in 'our original room' 1116 eating popsicles - yum

Love our new pillows
Today is Friday – I think.  My brain seems to have decided to take a vacation before my body could join. Or maybe a revolt? Anyways it’s defunct – my brain that it!  Wednesday we took an amazing trip out to Kananaskis with Jamie’s Preschool. We boarded the luxurious Tim Hortons bus and made our way out to the Delta Lodge where we were hosted by the Kananaskis Fire and Rescue crew. We mostly hung out, played some soccer, made a small craft and walked a little bit (and I mean a little bit since neither Evelyn nor Christian seemed to keen on moving themselves!) They had a BBQ lunch and followed up with a bonfire complete with Caramilk smores. Yum. The kids were only moderately thrilled to be there as we all seemed to be lacking in energy and enthusiasm. And I was definitely lacking in patience. Those also seemed to have taken a vacation without my permission. Just before we boarded the bus, one of the lovely hostesses, an older bird by the name of Moira, had a room full of body pillows that each child got to pick a colour of their choice and take home. It was such a cute touch and a remarkable example of how a small gesture can change the outcome of a whole day. The kids were elated and promptly feel asleep on their new body pillows while on route home. 

Unfortunately just after supper Christian came down with a high fever and we made the all to familiar trek to the Children’s Hospital so he could be admitted to receive a few doses of antibiotics. He was to receive his ‘big’ chemotherapy on Thursday but due to the unyielding fever we have been delayed until this afternoon – hopefully. So all is well for now and Christian has been enjoying his time in the unit since he is not in isolation. Last night we took a ride on his IV pole through the unit with him dressed up as batman. He loves being the star of the show! 

It has been a bit dicey for Chris trying to organize his life with going back to school and trying to manage his classroom (adorned with 21 little different personalities) and his life at home and now his life at the hospital. Please pray for him and continue to pray for our other oncology family whose son has a terminal diagnosis but seems to be making great strides in improving his quality of life.  

That is all for now. Thanks for reading.
Today I am thankful for:
1.     Sesame Street
2.     Warm fall days
3.     Having Smurf bathtub wars with Christian in ‘our room’ 1116

Enjoying the pond at the Lodge

Grammy and Ryan checking out the fire truck

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