Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!

Skin time with Christina (2007)

Wow 10 years ago.

It is the dawn of the celebration. Ok it is actually the dusk before the dawn but there is no way i am getting onto a computer while my kids are awake. I have to admit that lately it has been a tough choice between sleep and blogging. I am very sorry to say that sleep, housework, and baking copious amounts of cupcakes has taken priority – so i apologize to those of you who feel neglected! That being said i am so glad you come back to read each time.  Chris heading back into the classroom has sent our whole family for a loop; a loop with a triple swirl and a cherry on top. And nobody is more confused than poor Evelyn. She just can’t seem to grasp all the moving around and changes. She keeps asking to “go home”  - which wouldn’t be so horrible if we weren’t already at home when she says it! I ask her were her home is and she says, “I don’t know”. She had such a good time in Nova Scotia and was completely spoiled with Aunty Sarah’s time (in a good way!) and I can tell she misses all of her cousins and relatives horribly. She asks on a daily basis, “Where is  Sarah? Nick? Molly? Maddy? Nanny? Daniel?

First day of Preschool
Our household has been nutty with everything that this week has delivered from chemo to Chris starting work to the birthday open house and of course Christian having his first day of preschool today. Which he absolutely loved despite the fact he had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and just about sent his teacher into an anaphylactic shock. Ok lesson learned – no peanuts at school. (gimme a break this was my first day as a parent with a child in school – you would think i should have learned from Chris being  a grade one teacher but apparently not!) Evan and Christian had a blast and i know it will be good for both of them to have some structure.

Tomorrow is also Chris’ 32nd Birthday. I met Chris 10 years ago and it is amazing how much can change in a decade. When I met him he was a typical hockey player (sorry to those of you out there bucking the pigeon hole trend) – Cavorting with the hockey boys, 20 dollars to his name and of course actually attending university classes was optional, right? Well 10 years later he is the most disciplined, loyal, dedicated, loving, hardworking, respectful, and funny man i have ever met.  Life has not been a bowl of roses for Chris and I and we seem to have hung in there together despite the things that have been tossed in our path.  Love you Chris – the original circle.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
And the most lovely surprise of all when we arrived home today from our shopping trip to IKEA (my kids can’t get enough of those hot dogs and i will use any excuse to go for a shopping trip!), was my mothers good friend, Marilyn Sharples (and Bob). Whom surprised us by driving out from Vancouver to celebrate Christians most special day tomorrow. They are the kind of people who just light up the room and put a smile on your face. Sooooo glad they are here!
Marilyn and Marilyn - what a pair!
Birthday Celebrations at preschool
So finally to the bones of the blog – tomorrow is open house day. Starting a 3 pm at our house in Coopers . We welcome anybody to come and celebrate with us. We are so proud that Christian has fought hard and we are now going to enjoy his 4year birthday party. We want to say thank you to all of our friends and strangers alike who have supported our family through this very difficult time. Please come by and say hello to Christian and have a cupcake! We are so blessed to live in this amazing community and have the friends that we do. We hope to see you tomorrow. Please remember no gifts – if you would like to bring something to honour Christian’s fight then we are welcoming kids and teen movies (dvd) and gift certificate (any type) donations for the Oncology Ward at the Children’s hospital and the Ronald McDonald house. There are many parents and children in our Oncology family who are not as blessed as we are and we hope to pay it forward to these families. Thanks for reading.
Chemo with the gang - that's the way to go!
Today i am thankful for:
1. Jamie's Preschool (special school for immune compromised kids)
2. Surprise visit from great friends
3. Evelyn crawling into grammy's bed to fall asleep

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  1. What a beautiful wedding you had, I was so honoured to be a part of it. I love you guys so much and have bought more chocolate koalas to send your way!!