Saturday, September 17, 2011


Christian's Soft Foot
Sitting in bed tonight watching When Harry Met Sally (and come on for all you saps out there – you know you love it!) feeling the bottom of Christian’s soft feet touching my leg I am thinking of all the things I am thankful for. Firstly I am thankful that there is not much to write about. No sudden trips to the hospital. No fevers or big pokes. Not too many tears and lots of smiles and golf. All in all this turned out to be a good week for Christian and the rest of the clan. Christian continues to battle the sewer pipes and Chris and I continue to battle the ‘what if’ scenario. The whole idea of giving it away and trusting in God is so difficult and a daily fracas. But tonight in my quiet dark room, on my soft bed with a sweet movie playing and Christian’s warm body beside me I am thankful. Thankful for many things…..
Our first night in England 2006
1.  The softness of the bottom of my kids feet (and feeling their warmth on my skin)
2.     Warm soft beds with lots of pillows
3.     The comfort of movies you can watch over and over – ahem…thank you Meg Ryan
4.     Reconnecting with old friends – thank you Kirsten
5.     Cool design magazines
6.     Outings with just Evelyn (and her ‘lots and lots’ of babies)
7.     Comfort food – yummy pasta pot
8.     Fireplaces on cool evening
9.     Coffee after supper
10. Paul Brandt music
11. The amazing places Chris and I have been able to travel together
12. Finding something really cool in the AS IS section at Ikea
13. Chocolate cake
14. All you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster
15. The feeling your legs have after a great run
Chris and I at Dieppe

Big chemo this week, Monday hopefully if we can get our schedule worked out with the hospital. Big field trip to Kananaskis with Jamie’s Preschool on Wednesday and recover the rest of the week.
This is what Christian thinks of Cancer
9 weeks to go, 5 rounds of chemo, 1 re-grading scan, 1 surgery to remove chest tubes, and HOPEFULLY one amazing “Stuff it to cancer” family vacation. Hawaii anyone? 
My favorite things - together

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