Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fever

First cruise on the bike

Spring is in the air and life seems to have gotten a little lighter. Christian and I just got back from a ‘cruise’ to McDonalds with the windows down and the music blaring.  It feels so good to forget for a moment and enjoy just being together. Christian amazed me again today with his understanding and patience for his disease. We were approaching the drive through and he asked me if we could instead go inside and play for a bit, just a few minutes he says. I explained to him that we couldn’t go in because his counts were very low and so it wasn’t safe for him to play were it might be dirty.  So he smiles and says, “Ok will you let me know when my counts go high so that we can go back to McDonalds and play?”  But then I had to stop the car before we went through the drive through so Christian could take off his jacket and show the ladies his batman shirt and cape as we drove through for our lunch! He is so cute.

Christian rode his bike around the block and we cleaned the yard – ahhhhhh life feels good with the sun on your back and a nice warm breeze on your face.  Evelyn was happy to have inherited his bike helmet (even though she couldn’t quite figure out how to get it on!) Ryan is getting closer and closer to crawling  - I think the gates will be up by the weekend. Life continues to roll forward and the kids continue to grow and learn before our eyes despite all that is going on under our roof.


Tomorrow we head back to the hospital for chemo #11. Only 32 treatments left to go. I cannot believe we are a quarter of the way through our treatment. One week from today we will be having Christians evaluation CT scan to determine how much the tumor has shrunk.  There are so many good things that could come out of next weeks scan so we pray and pray that it shows only good things. If the tumor is small enough they will not have to do surgery to remove the remaining mass and we will begin radiation immediately. If the tumor has moved out of certain areas we will be able to stop his anti coagulants which means one less poke everyday. If the tumor is small enough he will be down graded to a stage two cancer instead of a stage three. If the tumor is not quite small enough to begin radiation they will have to do a surgery to remove the remaining tumor. This will mean a week or so in hospital followed by two weeks recovery at home then radiation will begin as soon as possible. It is important that the size of the tumor is as small as possible so that the amount of his abdomen to be radiated is limited.  There WILL be some damage to his body from the radiation but the pro’s and con’s must be weighed and obviously getting rid of the cancer trumps all else.
Lord let your light shine!

So please pray for healing for Christian and patience for Chris and I. We need strength and wisdom to lead our family and our children. We need to be strong for our kids so they know we have their backs. Thank you to everybody who has supported our family and helped us to get as far as we have. Love and hugs to all

Today I am thankful for:
1.     1. Quite house and hot coffee (at the same time!)
2.     2. The feeling my body gets after a hard workout
3.     3. God leading the way 

"Be still and know that he is God"



  1. Just got off the phone with Papa Norm and Margie.... I'm his firefighter friend from Halifax. We got the scoop first hand about their trip and what it meant to them to be with family. Should let you know that I registered at OneMatch and am promoting it out east in Nova Scotia. Don't know how many I have so far but I do know of three. I will keep promoting this great cause and Ann and I are praying for Christian.

  2. We are constantly thinking of you two and your family. We would love to come by and have some cuddles (or crawls) with Ryan, but unfortunately the little ones have given me a cold. Hope to see you before we leave for Disney World, if not we will see you in May when there are no viruses in our body!

  3. Hi there, I don't know your family or your son but after reading your story and learning more and more about his battle I want to commend you for the wonderful job you're doing raising three young kids. I registered for OneMatch after reading your son's story. Childhood cancer is something very difficult to go through and he's in my thoughts and I wish you nothing but the best.