Monday, April 4, 2011


Quick blog today to remind everybody about the one match bone marrow registration event at AE Bowers School tonight from 5-9 pm. We are going to have about 30 or so computers set up for people to register. As well we will have coffee and snacks and are going to be running through our ‘Christian Rockstar’ slide show. Please feel free to come by even if you just want to visit. If you don’t live in our area please join our cause and HONOUR CHRISTIANS FIGHT WITH CANCER by signing up at  It takes only 10 minutes and could possibly save someone’s life. Thank you to everyone in advance, especially to those who have already registered or have tried to register!

We had a great snow day today and built our first snowman with the kids (at least until four young boys drove by in a Honday Odyssy and kicked it over - Grrrrrrr). It is great to be outside and feel the sun and warmth on our pasty Albertan skin.  Evelyn would spend hours and hours outside and seems to be a little connected soul with nature. We are going for our big Chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday so it will be an extra cautious week as we attempt to keep Christian from getting this cold that everybody seems to be getting. He will most likely need a blood transfusion before he can receive his treatment so no better time to donate blood than now! I am sure I have mentioned this before but he has already had two blood transfusions so no less than two people have already saved his life.  You could be next – donate blood today, or tomorrow or the next day. There is a blood donor clinic in Airdrie on the 19th of April at the town and country.  

Today Chris is thankful for
1.  Family
2.   His beautiful wife (honest he is saying this!)
3.  .  Quiet sleeping children


  1. Shame on those 4 young boys!!! Glad to see everyone enjoyed the snowfall!!! Good luck this week Christian!!! I will be thinking only positive thoughts for you!!! xoxoxo

  2. Hi Megan

    I just finished signing up with One Match -- add 1 to the count!

  3. ... "Anonymous" at 10:32 am on April 5 was me .. :) (not trying to be all freaky mysterious :P)

    Nancy F.

  4. Many blessings to you all - praying for health - keep positive