Saturday, April 16, 2011


Happy 2nd Birthday to our beautiful Evelyn! It was a great weekend of birthday festivities with our family. We spent a few short hours in the hospital on Friday AM checking Christians blood counts. Once we got the go ahead we aimed straight for the mall where Christian picked out a Barbie for Evelyn.  Chris’s mom, Marilyn cleared out the dollar store and made some lovely gift bags for all the kids and co-authored with me on the beautiful cupcake balloon display! Anyways nothing better than a weekend with family, pizza, presents and cake…..yum! Now if we could just get rid of this snow and enjoy the outdoors it would be even better. The snow didn’t stop Evelyn from enjoying her new playhouse courtesy of her Grammy.

We have one more day of weekend to enjoy then we are off to the hospital early Monday morning for Christian’s first re-staging CT scan. We are praying for the tumor to have shrunk down to almost nothing (I’ve been assured that there will be something left there given the initial size of the tumor) but I think we could “out pray” the Dr. , what do you all say?  Tuesday will be a small chemo and then we are hoping to get some results from the scan.  Thanks again to all the people who have being wrangling up the registrants for onematch (Kate, Jim, Reagan). 

Today I am thankful for:
1. Cute cupcakes
2. Evelyn
3. Cheeseburgers


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Evelyn, welcome to the 2's - you're going to have fun!

  2. Happy birthday evelyn, lots of love to the rest of you,

  3. Happy Birthday, Evelyn!

    Still praying, still standing and believing for Christian's complete healing!

    Be Blessed.

    Nancy F.