Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feed the soul

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to all the people who were involved with last nights “Crazy for the Crowell’s” school dance at AE Bowers.  It was the most amazing night and Chris and I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people.  From all of the teachers and volunteers who organized the event, to all the people who donated auction items and of course all the people who attended – things couldn’t have turned out better.  Chris and I were literally floored by the turnout and the support that we felt from every person we spoke with.  My favorite part of the evening was the DJ playing some of Christian’s songs.  Everybody seemed to know how much Christian liked those particular tunes and much those songs have lifted his spirits these past few months. The Black Eyed Peas, Pink and Tom Cochrane made everybody get up, dance and sing. Nothing like a little PINK to pull a community together! Anyways there was nothing more uplifting than hearing the whole gymnasium yell out, “So what you’re a rock start!” and we know they were talking about Christian. 

Chris and I will fully admit that we were extremely nervous about bringing Christian into a gymnasium crammed full of people and kids (and it was crammed!). But after spending the evening there and seeing the expression on Christian’s face when they played his music, and feeling the love and support from everybody there  - it was a no brainer. Even though we were exhausted at the end of the night our spirits felt lighter, especially hearing so many encouraging words from so many kids, parents and supporters.  It brings to light that there is more to healing an illness than giving medicine.  We must remember to treat the soul and the body will respond. That evening definitely lifted Christian’s spirit and ours as well.  We hope it lifted yours to see Christian smiling and doing well – to know that he is fighting the good fight.

This is one big truck!!!!
So THANK YOU to everybody involved.
Daddy, Christian and Uncle Dalton hanging with the Aerial

The day was made even more special by a special visit from the Aidrie Fire Department just before dance time! Nothing to make you stand up and take notice than a massive aerial fire truck driving around your crescent!  Christian was absolutely tickled pink and thoroughly enjoyed standing on the truck. Next step is a ride in the bucket! Yahooooooooo So thank you to my brother Dalton for taking time of your busy schedule (no joking here) to come and visit Christian. He thought it was great, as did we!

Today was a day of happiness and tears, as we had to say goodbye to Papa Norm who has weaved a tight spot into the hearts of Evelyn and Christian. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know their paternal grandfather and did a very good job of bringing out the softer side of Norm (didn’t know it was in him to wipe a bum and watch Diego marathons!) Norman was more than happy to walk Evelyn to the far side of Airdrie and back and become the official Wii expert (sorry honey!) So thanks again for all you have done for us over the past three weeks. We will truly miss having you around and it will be a tough space to fill in our children's hearts.

Today I am thankfull for:
1. Grandfathers love
2. A cold snow day to help get things done around the house
3. Music


  1. Thank you for bringing Christian to the dance. It warmed my heart to see him and his smile lit up the gymnasium. I am so proud to be part of this community and see its power and love give strength to such a deserving family. Chris's speech was wonderful, it is a wonder we heard any of it over all the clapping and cheering!!! Stay strong Crowells!!! This community is with you all the way!!!

  2. I really treasure the many valuable moments that I was able to experience there with all of you. I found myself lost in the quitness of home here so I had to surf up an episode of Diego the animal rescuer and dance around the kitchen.I learned some of the depth there is to your character and to Chris's. You really make a great team. God may You continue to bless their marriage and surround them with those who will love them and share some of the burdens they are managing in this walk.