Monday, July 4, 2011

Disappointed? I think not!

Well June 30th has come and gone and obviously we did not meet our goal of getting 1000 people to sign up for the one match bone marrow registration. But we did get 179 people to sign up – and that is 179 people that might have not signed up otherwise. 179 people who decided to put themselves out there with the hope of one day saving a persons life, a child’s life, a strangers life. 179 people who honored Christian’s fight with cancer and many more people who tried to sign up but were denied for one reason or another.  We learned that there are many stigmas associated with bone marrow donation – a plethora of myths that seem to keep people away from committing themselves to bone marrow donation. The main concern we have heard time and time again is – “I heard it really hurts”.  Firstly, registering does not mean that you will have the HONOR of donating, only that you MAY be asked. Secondly you are asleep when they remove some of your bone marrow (which your body quickly replaces) so you don’t feel a thing. And lastly – would you look into my son’s eyes or some other person who is going to die unless they receive a bone marrow transplant and tell them you would like to help but you are afraid of a little pain. I THINK NOT! So kudo’s too all who have signed up or tried to sign up. If you have not done it yet – DO IT and let me know so I can keep adding to the list. 

Please remember to donate blood this week if you have not done it yet. Christian has received no less than 7 blood transfusions (I am starting to lose count) so it is more important now than ever to get out there and give blood. Airdrie is hosting a blood drive on July 8th for those of you who live close.
I apologize for taking such a long blogging hiatus but with the move to the new house, chemo, Chris’ golfing trip and general mom duties – I just have not had two hours to sit at the computer and type.  Christians last big chemo session on Tuesday went well. He did end up getting sick (briefly) which has not happened for a while but being the trooper he is recovered quickly and was on the golf course with Chris and our good friend Jason Jaffray  by Thursday afternoon. He loves to drive the cart with Dad and tee it off when time allows! He did find out it is possible to sleep on a golf cart quite comfortably as he spent the whole back 9 dreaming of golf in Hawaill curled up on Dad’s seat!  We are eagerly anticipating the Jason Jaffray Golf Tournament being held in Olds in July as I am sure that Christian will be the star of the show!

We had a great weekend attending Ashley Jaffray’s wedding (she was a stunner!) in Leduc. Throw in a little baseball, lots of sun, treats with grandpa and some wedding dancing and it was such a great break for our family. Our children continue to amaze us with their patience and kindheartedness (our waiter at breakfast this morning might want to refute this statement!) and it makes our family trips so much nicer for Chris and I.
Ashley's beautiful outdoor wedding!

What’s next for Christian? On July13th he will have his second restaging scan. This scan will determine whether the tumor has shrunk enough to be removed surgically. The tumor needs to have recessed out of his inferior vena cava or else surgery will not be possible. Our prayer is that the tumor is small enough and in a location such that surgery is safe and ‘easy’ for the surgeon.  Regardless of surgery, chemotherapy will continue each week until November. Christian is doing well – enjoying his new fuzz – which he loves to style with some mousse each morning. But he is reluctant to talk about it falling out again as it inevitably will once all his chemotherapy drugs are back on board. He is smiling lots and enjoying his new home and space. He does get tierd very easy and we are having a hard time finding pants that will fit his tiny waist. For the wedding this weekend he wore the same pants he wore to Peder and Ryan’s wedding in Mexico when he was 17 months old – a bit sad.
Growing up before our eyes...what a handsome little man...and his fuzz!

I will try to blog a little more often now that we are more settled. Thanks for all the well wishes and support we have received from so many different people. It lifts us up and gives us hope to know that somebody is thinking of our family and of Christian’s struggle. Thank you to anyone who is willing to dare and think about what is would be like to live in our shoes.

Today I am thankful for:

1.     Steph and Greg’s Crayola bonanza for the kids
2.     Christian’s amazing dance moves
3.     Hot sunny days spent at the park

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  1. I love these pictures, so glad you had a good weekend.Christian you look so old in your picture I think you must be 5 and we just think you are still 3.I look at the blog every morning and miss you all, all day Love you Nanny