Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wake Up Week

sweetest face

Evelyn and Christian passing time in his hospital room!

What a week! This was another one of those 'wake up' weeks for the Crowell family. Just when we thought summer was about to roll into full swing we end up in the hospital. After an amazing weekend golfing, Christian ended up getting sick on monday night. We went in, for what was meant to be a quick blood work check up, on Tuesday but spent the whole day at the hospital while Christian got some fluids and anti nausea drugs. We finally got home in the early evening and had to promptly turned around and headed straight back to the hospital. Within an hour of getting home Christian came down with a fever. Which freaked Chris and I out a little bit considering he was neutropeonic. This means that his immune system was completely nonexistent and is a result of his intense chemotherapy. The purpose of chemo is to destroy fast dividing cells in the body. Cancer cells are fast dividing, as well as hair follicle cells (which is why chemotherapy patients lose their hair) and the lining of your stomach and intestines (which is why chemotherapy patients get sick).  Ok enough of the cancer treatment lesson just wanted to explain what neutropeonic means = no immune system!  This explains why fevers are so serious for cancer patients, a normal person has the ability to fight off general bugs, viruses and bacteria. But with no immune system Christian’s life could quickly be in jeopardy if his fever (indication his body is fighting something) is not treated quickly.  So long story still long we were admitted on Tuesday night and stayed until Friday. He needed to stay until his counts rose to an acceptable level and his testing came back negative for 'bugs'. All in all the hospital is the safeest place to be when he is fragile and compromised in this way. 
Motorized quad - amazing what you can do with it while confined to a small room!

Christian was a trooper but unfortunately found himself in isolation for the whole week meaning he couldn’t leave his room. Which makes for a long few days for him. Thankfully the staff and nurses at the hospital are so great and do their best to find things for him to do and keep him entertained. He was welcomed out of the hospital by a visit from Uncle Ian, Aunty Kate, Noah and Grace. They spent a glorious hour playing in the healing gardens at the hospital – including a great playground, child size soccer field with a little running track, child size basketball court and net, putting green and more. 
Noah and Christian enjoying Happy meal toys
Off to McDonalds to start off the long weekend and then home to recover from the long days in the hospital. Today we spent an awesome day at Uncle Dalton’s and Aunty Dianne’s house playing with all the kids. There is NOTHING that Christian likes to do more (ok maybe golf) than playing with his cousins, even if he has to just sit and watch them some of the time. Late afternoon led its way to a backyard beach party at our new house. Complete with kiddie pools, waterslide, waterguns and a full fledge water fight……which I am pretty sure I won! Pretty sad to gloat about a victory against my young nephews…..but it was all good fun!
Uncle Ian, Grace and Ryan - just chillin'
Tomorrow will be a day of much deserved rest. Christian is certainly losing some of his stamina and it is one of the sadder times of my day when I watch him watching the other kids play and run around – knowing that he no longer has the energy to do these things.  With the sun hanging around this week we can enjoy the outdoors and rest before big chemo begins again next week…already? My beautiful niece and clever nephew are coming out from Ontario for a visit and we are so looking forward to hosting them. We are also going to be having another milestone in the Crowell household next week, as Ryan will be celebrating his first birthday. Yea cake and ice cream! It is amazing to think that he was only 5 months old when Christian was diagnosed. How time flies.  Thanks for reading
Rav - our AWESOME clinic nurse - off on Mat leave - we will miss you!

Today I am thankful for:

1.     Water fights
2.     Birthday parties
3.     Kids in bed before 800pm

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