Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Golf Delight

Christian's Team (Chris, Jason Jaffray, Ben Hoffman and Greg Kress)

What a week! I am sorry for the delay in posting a new blog but we have been completely consumed by our stay in the hospital for Big Chemo, spending a day getting a blood transfusion, attending the Jason Jaffray Charity Golf tournament (in Christian’s honor-yah!) and trying to arrange contractors to work on mom’s house. Needless to say it has been a busy but productive week. Christian faired VERY well after his big chemotherapy. We are a tad apprehensive since it was the first time in months that he would be getting all three of his chemotherapy drugs – but he did marvelous and never skipped a beat. Friday we were back in hospital so that Christian could receive his most recent transfusion – I have lost count but I am sure we must be on double digits right now!
The tournament send off - Christian's drive down the pipe!

With the latest news about his tumor and the fact that he won’t be having surgery we are trying to plan a small trip to Nova Scotia so Chris can see him family and Christian can have a much deserved visit with his Nanny Marilyn and go to the beach. But sssssshhhhhh it’s a surprise! We are not going to tell him until it is for sure and maybe even the day before since we never know when he could end up in hospital and a visit could get quickly cancelled. He is under the impression that he can’t go anywhere while his ‘tubes’ (AKA central line) are still in his chest, so it will  be an amazing little surprise for him if it all works out. A visit with Chris' family, golf with papa norm and play time in Victoria park is just what the doctor ordered!
Ryan enjoyed the day too!

While we are on the topic of things working out I just want to say how amazing the Golf tournament that our good friends, the Jaffray’s, put on for us. And by the way congrats go out to Jason who just got signed by the new Winnipeg Jets….GO JETS! They worked very hard putting in many tireless hours to make this golf tournament a huge success and an incredible day for our family. The prizes that came in from the community and friends was overwhelming and inspiring. Inspiring to know that so many people think Christian is great and want to honor his gargantuan battle with cancer. People whom we don’t even know and had never met, felt it was important to say, “We understand that life sucks right now – but keep fighting”. Because I can tell you that any parent who has a child fighting cancer needs to know that their fight is validated. Even if you cannot personally understand or comprehend what it is life –you don’t need to. You can just say – I am sorry you are going through this and I am sure it is horrible. And attending the event did just that. You can tell that everybody who was there was so proud of Christian as he bombed his drive down the 10th green! Proud that he is fighting the good fight, proud that he can still be a little boy, proud that he can show all the adults in the room what pediatric cancer looks like.  Chris and I felt very supported and loved and we were honored to be Christian’s parents that night – any night.

We met so many people who came out to support Christian, our family and the fight against pediatric cancer – not just with money, but more importantly with their hearts and with their sincere words. People like Greg Kreese and Steph Thomas whom I know spent a lot of time gathering prizes for the event and most importantly supplying Christian’s team with their ‘out of this world’ golf attire. Small things that will make this day one that our family WILL NOT soon forget.  There were many other groups of people who supported the event: the Olds Grizzlys’s Jr A hockey club, the Old’s radio station, the whole Jaffray and Bresden clan and many others. It was a very special night that touched the hearts of so many people. And most importantly it was a day of golf with his dad that Christian will never forget.

Evan rocking the bubbles!
Lastly Chris and I topped off the weekend by taking in the Folk Fest (for free!) on the banks of the bow river. What an amazing night. We impromptu popped the kids in the car (in their jammies) and headed downtown in hopes of catching a few waves of music from Jim Cuddy’s voice and we were not disappointed! God saved us a parking spot and a bench so our family could top off the most amazing weekend we have had in a long time. The kid’s first even Blue Rodeo concert was a huge success – even if Christian slept through it all! Evelyn danced, played with bubbles and enjoyed her freedom while Ryan bounced up and down in Chris’ arms wondering what the heck he was doing in downtown Calgary at 10 o’clock at night in his jammies! It was great. Thanks JIM!  

Life does not get much better - Blue Rodeo by the water with the people you love most
So now that the golf tournament is done and the weekend is over we will focus our attention on getting mom’s house completed, comfortable and livable. A place she can escape to so she doesn’t go insane when my kids are out of their minds! A few shorts weeks from now we hope to be home in Nova Scotia for a much needed rest and escape from reality. Thanks for reading.
Warming up with dad 

Today I am thankful for:
1.     New friendships (Greg and Steph, Doug and Loralie)
2.     Old friendships (Matt and Lindsday, Kelly and Heath)
3.     Forever friendships (Sophie and Andrew, Kirsten and Glen)


  1. Aunt Janice,Uncle John,Cousin Julie & Luke were happy to visit with you guys on several occasions while we were in Calgary and to see how Christian thoroughly participates in and enjoys all of his activities - his zest for life is amazing. John also appreciated golf time with John and Christian as Julie, Luke, & myself enjoyed our special day with Evelyn - I was so happy we were able to get in all of her requests - throw rocks in the water, play @ the play park and also get to McDonald's before the play place closed and get a few more slides in. Hopefully I'll be a bit more familiar to her the next time we meet. Look forward to seeing you guys in NS soon. Love Janice & John.

  2. Amendment to above comment - John appreciated time with Chris and Christian.