Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun in the Summer Sun

Love him more and more each day

Can't wait to test the waters! Filling the pool is the best part!
Tomorrow is the day. CT scan day. Day to determine if the radiation was the success we have been praying it would be. The scale is set to tip in our favor and we are destined for a positive outcome. Our prayer (if you are reading this before 930am!) is that his tumor has dislodged itself from his inferior vena cava, the small finger like extensions of the tumor have been blasted into oblivion and the large mass that was remaining is now a small hard non living lump – death by copious amounts of chemotherapy and radiation.  As a family we are trying our best to stay positive and enjoy the summer. It has been raining so much but the few days it was nice we were sure to get out the pool so the kids could enjoy some time in the sun. Having the park in our backyard is such a blessing and Evelyn is in “play park” heaven. 

 We were blessed with tickets to the stampede (thank you Starlight!) so we enjoyed family day at the rodeo. It was a great escape from the everyday. Christian was enthralled with the midway and all the rides. The best part of the day was the band of winds playing outside the grandstand – Christian couldn’t help himself but to get up and dance!

Dancing with the Band!
We did have a run to the hospital yesterday evening as Christian has been struggling with some gastrointestinal issues (darn sewer pipes!) and his body was battling hard but ended up getting a fever which means a trip to the unit for antibiotics.  Luckily his ‘counts’ were fairly good and we only had to stay for his meds and a blood transfusion, and we were home…….at 430am. YIKES. 
Evelyn loving life!
I think the chemo has gotten to his brain!!!!!

Excited to be at the Rodeo!
Please enjoy the pictures and think of Christian tomorrow. I will post some results as soon as we know. Mostly likely it will be Tuesday – our next big chemo - when we meet with our oncologist again.  From there we will either have a surgery to remove the remaining mass or wait it out until November/December if the results are not optimal.  If we are so lucky we are faintly entertaining a trip home to Nova Scotia. Unfortunately day to day, hour to hour living doesn’t bode well for a family trip across the country!

Today I am thankful for:
1. Backyard pools
2. Christian doing "This little piggy" on Evelyn's toes
3. Bunk Beds

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  1. I am certainly thankful for your excellent posts, keeping everyone up to date even though you must be so busy and exhausted. Thinking of you Christian, always, everyday. xxx