Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I type this blog with a heavy heavy heart. Only a few blogs ago I was rejoicing in the few short weeks of treatment that we had left. I had the chemotherapy countdown in full swing and I was dreaming of a warm vacation with pools, golf and freedom from the clutches of the hospital.  It is maddening how your focus can change with one phone call. One call with the words, “larger tumor margins” splashed all over it and I am back reliving the nightmare of that first morning when I was told Christian has cancer. I feel like I am being told all over again – and my world is crashing down on me once again. Isn’t it bad enough to have a child with cancer but to have one who has possibly relapsed before treatment has even concluded? ONLY God's grace will get us through these trials. 
I take my Wii very seriously!

After a very long, intense and information laden meeting with Christian’s oncologist and surgeon, it was determined that Christian will undergo an extremely invasive and complex surgery to remove his existing tumor. The CT scan uncovered that his tumor was larger but the answer to why, can only be answered by taking it out and examining the tumor under microscope.  Removing it involves little, skinny, fragile Christian to undergo a grueling 12-hour surgery. He will be put under at 8am on the morning of October 12th.  The hope of the surgeon is that the tumor will easily remove itself from anything it is touching. Our prayer is that the tumor has not invaded any other structures (specifically his Aorta, pancreas and small intestine) as this increases the difficulty of the surgery. He will also lose his right kidney as the tumor is lodged right against it and is causing it to fail. The surgery will not require Christian to be put on a heart lung bypass machine as the surgeon feels she can move the vessels that need to be moved with out the excess complication. When we were told that no bypass was needed I immediately broke into tears with relief and was filled with peace when I saw the surgeon also crying. It warms my heart to know that not just a surgeon but a human being is operating on Christian. After the tumor is removed Christian will recover in the ICU for a few days and then will be transferred back to unit 1 where he will stay for a minimum of two weeks. Should the surgery involve additional complications (which are planned for but not anticipated) then his stay could be extended up to two months.  

I hope that everybody who reads this will find time next Wednesday to think of Christian and say a prayer for him and for his surgeons. This has been very difficult few days for Chris and I and our whole extended family, but we feel comfort from our friends and family. We find peace in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and know that he is God and that he loves Christian and wants to best for our family. He is listening to all of our prayers and He wants to connect with us. Let this be your opportunity to connect with God and say a prayer for Christian – for healing and fast, pain free recovery. Say a prayer for the surgeons who are going to operate on him – that they would have calm and perfect hands and collected heads. That God would guide them through the surgery and give us peace as we wait the very long day. 
Thank you to Freeda Steeves for starting a prayer event for Christian, search facebook for: 
Canmore - always a favorite
Our goal is to help Christian have as much fun over the next few days and enjoy our thanksgiving with family. This weekend especially is a time for us to sit and reflect on the things we are so blessed to have, experiences to share and people to love.  Thanks for reading
Today I am thankful for:
1.     God who loves my son one thousand fold more than I
2.     Pastor Doug and Loralie
3.     Hot meals sitting on our door step (THANK YOU!)

Staying warm before my scan


  1. We will be praying for Christian and your family on and before the 12th. God does love Christian and his family more than all of us together could imagine. And HE will be in that operating room with Christian. Looking forward to hearing about his rapid recovery.

  2. Will certainly be praying for Christian and a speedy recovery, and most importantly, good news when this is all over. What an amazing kid you have there, the way he's plowed through all of this with such great attitude. Praying also for you and for Chris. What amazing parents Christian has as well!

  3. Hi you guys, I sure hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving together and remember all the good of this past year. Enjoy each other, the time together before Christian's surgery and gather strength from that. I'm here if you need ANYTHING, day or night. Hugs to you all! Tracey :)

  4. Will certainly be praying for Christian and a speedy recovery, and most importantly, good news when this is all over.