Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiles and Tears

Does it get any cuter than this?

What a difference a week makes. It is 7 pm and Christian and I are chilling in his room watching Cars 2 (thank you Nathan! – ssshhhh). I look over as the music blasts out of the speaker and Christian starts swinging his arms and bobbing his head. Trying to sing the words he doesn’t know (so cute!) and a huge smile on his face – he’s back! Today is his first day without any narcotics flowing threw his lines – Chris and I wait with bated breath for something to happen. Any thankfully he appears to be doing well. He has been so ‘stoned’ for the past few weeks that it is just so good to see his natural smile – he looks over at me with a mischievous grin and I am so happy that we can joke back and forth and he actually gets me! Listening to his normal voice and watching his body movements remind me of a time when he was ordinary – or as normal as he gets! We are counting down the days until we can get sprung from the hospital and are pushing for a Halloween reunion in our home.
Music day with Marc
Thanks Tait Family!!!!!
Today we had some minor set backs with a bit of upset tummy and very intense emotions. Apparently this is a normal reaction to all that he has endured over the past three weeks. He cried twice today when a sad song was played (darn you Toy Story 2!) which is so random for Christian as he is not normally that sensitive. But he is generally feeling well, moving around and walking, eating, drinking and moving the sewer pipes along.  For now we are loving experiencing each new day with Christian as he comes out of the fog of all the narcotics and sedatives.  Soon we will begin his next round of intense chemotherapy but for now we will rejoice in the battles he has fought and won and take pleasure in the gift of each sunrise with Christian.  Thanks for reading
Calling, "Dr Christian"

Today I am thankful for:
1.     Cool wall posters in Christian’s hospital room
2.     Music therapist – Marc
3.     Warm duvets in the morning when the room feels so cold
Is that sleep in my eye?

Face painting at Gymnastics


  1. god bless this amazing child, praying for him to have lots of healthy years ahead to play and just be a child, free of medication and pain !!!

  2. SOOOO happy to hear that Christian is on the mend!!! Thatta boy!!! Keep on rockin' it out little man!!! xoxoxoxo

  3. Wow! He looks so much better! Thank you, Jesus! Praying you all get to come home soon!

    Nancy Friesen

  4. Now that's a picture I've been waiting to see...what a great shot, Megan. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me thankful to know he's doing so well. Tracey

  5. So intensely happy to hear the wonderful news. A good report. That's what we have been waiting for. God is so GOOD and we praise Him for getting Christian on the mend. Amazing grace. Can hardly wait for the next good report that you are taking this amazing little man home to enjoy all that life has to give him. Be well little Christian. The Lord God loves you and is with you and all your loving family. Thank you Lord.

  6. Love to you and your beautiful family. Christian on the mend...(tears of joy.)

  7. Thanking the Lord for His love at work in you all! Thank you again for sharing your continuing story. Have a great Hallowe'en guys! With love from Patricia and Keith (Antigonish)

  8. such great, happy, wonderful news!