Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slow and Steady

Opening my eyes

Praise God - Christian is doing better. As his Doctor continues to say, “Slow and steady wins the race”. He is doing so much better today and than yesterday, in fact he is even doing better tonight than he did this afternoon. Kids are amazing with their healing powers. Over the span of a few hours today his vitals have improved significantly, meaning that his body is not ‘leaking’ as much into his abdomen. He is able to keep the fluids he is being given in his vessels where they belong and not in his lungs. He is slowly being weaned off his ventilator and is working to breath on his own. This morning during rounds they spoke of his progress and thought that by Monday he might be ready to come off the ventilator and by this evening the doctor is already talking about maybe tomorrow sometime instead! Way to go Christian!

 He is so understanding of all that is going on around him – he rarely gets upset except when his hands are restrained (so he doesn’t pull out his breathing tube) or when he wants a cuddle. For the first time today I was able to get into bed with him and have a cuddle. We had a beautiful two hour sleep together. I almost forgot where I was. Heaven.
Finally a cuddle with mommy
He has no less than five medication pumps beside his bed to help control his pain and keep him sedated. He is also receiving nutrition through his lines (probably the best diet he has had in a year!) as well as plenty of hydration. All I can say is that he is the bravest little soul I have ever met and if I thought he was a trooper through his chemotherapy treatments – well this has brought him up to a whole new level. Maybe they should have an award – Bravest child award – and I would give one to every little person living on Unit 1(Oncology) at the Children’s hospital. Despite all that is going on – today Christian opened his eyes and smiled. I wonder when all must seem out of his control, crazy, painful and foreign – he is just happy to see mom and dad. Small things. He opened his eyes today and pointed at the TV – he wanted to watch a little Tree house, and this small victory was a great reminder to me that we are not going to be in this place and in this state forever. Even though it feels like it sometimes. There is progress.

This is all for now. Thank you for praying for Christians healing – I know God is listening to our prayers and God keeps his promises.

Today I am thankful for:
1.     A Fed Ex parcel that arrived at the Children’s Hospital for Christian with a drawing made by an amazing family. The smallest gestures make the biggest impact – thank you – and God does keep his promises, Noah.
2.     Cars 2 – thank you Nathan – he was SO excited and smile when I told him
3.     Swab sticks with water on them for Christian to suck on – so great when you can do ONE thing for him that makes him feel better
4.     Christian opening his eyes and smiling at me today. 
Papa Norm feeding Ryan a doughnut -YUM!


  1. Christian, do you know that you have the most wonderful parents with the best cuddles ever ? And did you know that you will give them the most wonderful cuddles ever ? The best medicine in the world is a cuddle !!!
    We do pray for lots of cuddles for you....heals the whole family as we do know....
    Steffie and family

  2. Dear Christian, I sure hope you will know how many, many people love you and are always thinking about you and are praying for you so that you will soon be home, playing again with your family and your buddies. We all know that as we pray Our Lord Jesus hears because we are all praying together that you will be stong,well and running around again getting into all kinds of special adventures. Keep fighting little man and we will keep praying and lifting you to God's Throne of Grace and mercy. You are so special and precious in His Sight. Nancy D.

  3. Praise His name!!!
    Hope Never Disappoints — Have A Confident Expectation Of Good!!! Because He is good!
    "He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction."
    Psalm 107:20

    We stand with you all for Christian's complete healing, we are loving this little brave man of God in our prayers and we are so eager to hear God's good report. We bless you both wonderful parents that are strong together believing that God is able, thank you for honoring the King!!!

    Maria Jose Tate and Family