Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Simple Things

I started this blog for Christian. I wanted him to have an account of what he had to endure to beat his cancer. Every posting is for him. I am hoping he can understand how much he inspires his parents and his family. How much he inspires his friends and our friends. I want him to know that we cried, rejoiced, laughed, hoped, prayed and loved him to health.  I am going to start posting all the things that made Chris and I look at each other in wonder and amazement. The things that made us cry and the things that made us realize he is the most amazing little 3 year old we have ever met. 

Today i am thankful for
1. Chris making me laugh 
2. Sticker books
3. Perogies

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful post Megan. It IS truly the simple things that bring so much joy in our day. I love that you are writing this for Christian. He will so appreciate seeing these words and pictures and knowing your love in the future. We send prayers for beautiful Christian and all of you.