Sunday, May 8, 2011



Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful woman out there who tend to children and love them whether they are their blood or not. Being a mother is the most amazing gift that a woman can receive, a gift that can only be understood once you have looked into the eyes of a child that you love. Eyes that tell you how much they love you, need you, rely on you, and desperately want you to love them in return. I have had so many amazing experiences as a mother these past few years. I have had the opportunity to hold a newborn in my arms, to nurse them into chubby submission, to watch them learn to toddle, to see them develop their own personalities and with great trepidation watch them grow their independence. I have cried tears over their pains, disappointments and frustrations. I have said goodbye to one baby and held on tightly with all my might to the others. I have experienced every emotion a mother can feel, good and bad, and knowing the pain I have experienced and could experience again I would not change a thing. My children and experiences have shaped me into the woman I have become as I traded in my own ambitions to ensure that their needs are met, their boo-boo’s kissed, their hands held and their questions answered. I would not trade my job in for any amount of money, fame or freedom. I gave the gift of life to my children: Christian, Evelyn and Ryan and they in turn have given my life a gift.  So here is to every mother out there who is doing the best they know how.


Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Tomorrow brings about a new start to Christian's healing. Radiation begins at 8:00am so please pray that the radiation will immediately begin to work on his tumor. Thank you so much to pastor Doug and the whole congregation at Living Springs Church for praying for our family and Christian. For giving us strength and helping us to feel the love of Jesus.

Another big thank you to the Lions club of Airdrie who showed up at our door on Friday night with an awesome swing set for my kids. Evelyn was beside herself and couldn’t even wait until it was completely installed to try it out. Dean Constantine and the members of the Lions club were so gracious to my family and have truly showed us the amazing spirit that exists within the city of Airdrie. Dean wanted me to plug his club (:)) and remind everybody they want to increase their membership, so join today and it could be you changing someone else’s life tomorrow. THANK YOU
Dean and the Lions Club setting up the slide


  1. Megan the club was so happy to help - the smiles on Evelyn and Christians' faces was priceless and we were so happy to have been able to help achieve that happiness for you guys.

    We are thinking of the Family as Christian starts his radiation please keep us posted.

  2. I have registered on Onematch!
    Please also check out my blog...

    -Nicky Dundas

  3. I registered tonite on Onematch. I have been following your story in the local paper and was reminded again this past week to join onematch when my friend's daughter was found to have a tumour that may be affecting her bone marrow. We will know more after her sugery next week. Either way, your story was how I first learned about the registry and I think its a wonderful way to be able to do my part in helping whoever is in need. Good luck with Christian's fight.

  4. I've registered! We've been following your blog and praying for you.
    Linda Dickinson