Monday, May 23, 2011

Remember When

I loved those beautiful locks.....sigh

I was looking at some old photos tonight and felt compelled to post some older pictures of Christian. Remember when? I cannot believe that some of these photos are only five months old. Perhaps the ‘soaps’ have got it right, like sand through the hourglass so are the ‘Days of our Lives’ (ok just so there is no misunderstanding I don’t watch soaps!) Time seems to just slide right on by and we don’t even notice. Christian is already ¼ of the way through his radiation and the next thing I know it will be full on summer.  

Thankfully Christian has not had any adverse symptoms yet. We are still on a small chemo break until the middle of June, so life is a tad less complicated. Christian is a trooper and just keeps plugging away at the daily routine. I think it is so fascinating to see how much children need and crave structure and schedules. Christian actually looks forward to his daily ‘noodle’ cleaning and trips to the hospital. They are his new reality which he finds comfort in. He knows what to expect and when to expect it. Chris and I learned quickly that the best way to keep Christian happy was to keep him in the loop, tell him everything that was going to be happening and when it was going to happen. As long as we don’t surprise him with anything he continues to roll on. Amazing.
Hanging out on the rocks in Canmore

I geuss she needed a arest
Yesterday we said goodbye to Denise and the kids. Christian and Evelyn loved having somebody else to play with. Ok maybe Evelyn didn’t like sharing her dolls with Josie but I know they enjoyed each other’s company. Seth and Christian were a riot to watch as they played together so well. It brings joy to my heart to see them having so much fun together. Our last day was spent out in Canmore.  It is my children’s new favorite place to waste the day away. They love to look at the mountains, picnic in the park and throw rocks in the water. It was so warm on Saturday we even made a beach of the riverbed. It was an amazing end to a weekend that started with a midnight run to the hospital. Thanks so much to Denise for helping out (especially my flower bed!) and spending time with my kids.

The mountains just did the boys in!
My thought for today for Christian is how little he sleeps. Or how random his sleeping patterns are. I think we will be all finished his treatment before I ever figure out how to get him to bed at night. For some reason he refuses to go to sleep at night and finds all sorts of random ways to keep himself awake. His go to plan is to ask for a multitude of different foods.  Hot cereal, strawberries, puffy’s and crackers with cream cheese are the fav’s.

Today I am thankful for: 
 1, The Incredibles
 2. Rain
 3. Beautiful flowers on my table


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