Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mountain Break

Helping mom bake cookies...I licked the spoon everytime!
I am writing this blog as I lie in bed at my new favorite place….the Douglas Fir Resort and Chalet in Banff. Our suite looks out over the mountains and into the forest. The second I stepped out of the car and smelled the fresh air and trees I was in love. The wood burning fireplace and rustic feel of the cottage is what my brain needed. It feels great to be someplace where responsibilities are limited to changing bums and feeding mouths!  The indoor play park is amazing and I am sure a breading ground for germs but I tried to look the other way! With radiation beginning on Monday we wanted to give Christian something fun to do while he had some energy and wasn’t sore or sick to his stomach. We may even attempt the waterslide tomorrow if I can finagle a dressing to protect his central line. I think that two three story waterslides is just to much to withhold from a three year old!!!! It is so good to get away and relax and enjoy nature. I sound like a little granola girl but it just feels right.
My beautiful girl
Friday we will at the Children’s as Christian will most likely be getting a blood transfusion before starting his intensive treatment on Monday. Until then mountains, fun, food and family. Doesn’t get any better. 

Today I am thankful for
1.     Angry Birds (thank you Ian)
2.     Cool hotel’s with amazing mountain views
Christian at 2 - already wanting to be like mommy!
3.     Crackling fires