Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning Patience

Storm trooper Christian
Just a very brief update for those of you following along in our little family saga. Christian's high dose therapy has been delayed for the second time this week. Originally Christian was to begin his treatment this past Tuesday. Unfortunately he had acquired a nasty yeast infection due to the massive amounts of antibiotics he has been taking over the course of these past three weeks. Because the chemotherapy he will be receiving gets excreted through his skin he cannot have any type of skin lesion or sores. So that brought us to today when we were good to go until we got his counts back and found out that he was neutropeonic (no immune system) which was a bit of a shock to us since the last chemotherapy treatment he had does not usually negatively affect blood counts. So we are now pushed forward to Monday. Let us pray that all will remain well over the weekend so we can finally get this underway. Every time it gets delayed my stomach gets a little tighter and I feel a little more anxious. In the mean time we will enjoy our weekend and look forward to Nanny Marilyn who is arriving on Saturday night. Nobody more so than Christian :)

Thanks for your prayers

Today I am thankful for:
1.    Evelyn – “mom can we watch some Netflix?”
2.   Aunty Vivian’s soup
3.   The Keg’s amazing steaks!!!!! YUM
How did i get in this mess?


  1. Can't wait to watch movies and play with evelyn and help ryan out of the cupboards. Hugs from christian read stories,play batman and star wars. Just to hear love you nanny is one of the things that I thank god for everyday.Christian is such special little boy.

  2. Well, thanks heavens there is such wonderful medical care in place for Christian that he doesn't undergo this next round before his body is good and ready to fight! Hugs to you all. Tracey

  3. Please keep breathing and we will keep praying. If you worry, why pray and if you pray, why worry. More prayer does not mean less worry, it just allows us to let God do the worrying for us.

  4. He fits in the cupboard - the ultimate hiding spot. Too cute. Thinking of you all, all the time. Lots and lots of love. xxx

  5. Thinking of you lots. I really hope and pray that Christian can get done what needs to be done to get him through this next phase of his treatments. Sending you hope and love and lots of other good stuff...xo.

    Lise Wendt.

  6. We are praying for you here in Creston BC too...
    So be encouraged that none of this is a surprise to
    God or too big, or impossible for Him!
    Creston Glad Tidings

  7. We just have to remember it's God's plan - not ours. My sister-in-law had an MRI in Grande Prairie today and as she lay in the machine after being told to keep her eyes shut spent the time praying for Christian and listening for those warm waves lapping at you guy's feet. Everyone's praying ----in all sorts of places. Love you. Marilyn

  8. Everyday I take time to pray for Christian and your family. You are an amazing mother, God knew exactly what he was doing when he put you all together!!!

  9. You have been in my thoughts all week...continued prayers for Christian.

  10. So many prayers are being said for Christian and your dear family. Our Brookfield Baptist Church pray for him and you every Sunday and I know many other churches and individuals are doing the same. Please God hear our prayers and give Christian healing. He has such a wonderful family to return home to.
    Sincerely Stena. Also so pleased to see that his Nanny is arriving also.