Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two peas in a pod.....

It is so intriguing how life's little occurances seem to play on each other like the chapters of a book. And it is not until you read the final chapter that you can fully appreciate how the different moments of the book work on top of each other to create the finale.   Nobody could have fathomed that when my mother's cancer (Low Grade B Cell Lyphoma) reared its ugly head in the summer of 2010,  that it would help to prepare us for Christians unimaginable present circumstance. My mother (who said I could only use her name if i told everybody how wonderful she is!) and Christian have always been little buddies - thick as theives - two peas in a pod - however you want to look at their special relationship. So I geuss it only seems weirdly suited that they would be going through chemotherapy at the same time.  It even gets as freaky as the two of them using some of the same chemotherapy drugs.  Two opposite ends of the age spectrum - but both ending up in the same place.  The lessons I garnished from supporting my mother has armed me with the necessary information allowing me to be the best advocate for Christian's health care treatment - a gift from my mom. 

 My mother had her last Chemo dose on March 1, 2011 and has reponded very well to her treatment. She was very lucky to have done well with not feeling too ill or losing her hair.  It took her a few chemotherapy treatments to get her drugs sorted out so as to minimize her chemo symptoms, give her some energy and get the sewer pipes working as they should (sorry mom!)  It is amazing how much I learned from her experiences that I have been able to apply to Christians treatments.  From the first day of Christians diagnosis when Chris and I both had the 'deer in the headlights' feel; to just this past week when I took Ryan to his immunization appointment only to realize I had forgotten him in the van. Life is a tad complexe, to say the least.  So having some information already ingrained in my brain has made a huge difference in helping us cope. Everything from knowing some of the chemo drugs,  understanding side effects,  figuring out what blood counts mean what, and most importantly keeping Christian safe.  My mom had already figured out how important it was to keep a timing record of drugs and the physical responses to chemo and perpetually making a list questions for the oncologist.  

So not a person on earth can fully understand the direction or purpose of God's plan, the places and circumstances He choses to lead people to. But they all seem to meld together to create s perfect story that only He could create. My mother did not want to have to go through chemotherapy.  Yet I know she wouldn't take it back now knowing how much it has helped chris and I work through Christian's cancer.  With our upcoming Bone Marrow Awareness clinic, maybe just maybe, we will help to save a life. Would we take back Christian's cancer?  It is all a part of God's plan so we must trust. Some of the time life doesn't make much sense and then only God sees the last chapter, the finale and He knows exactly what he is doing.  So trust. 

On a lighter note I wonder about God's purpose for my daughter's actions. She has taken to, on a nightly basis, disrobing her self and then removing her diaper and launching it over the side of the crib (the good nights are the ones when its empty!).  Then she proceeds to scream out until we fetch her and she looks at you with the most beautiful smile, large eyes and says, "I'm cold".  I think maybe God is trying to remind me how precious she is and wants me to rember her as a two year old in these tough times when so much of our attention is on Christian. So heres to God's plan....and my peas in their pod.

 Did anybody tell you i'm cute?


  1. Loving the photo of Marilyn. Big kisses to you Marilyn, you are so awesome. Christian is so lucky to have such a wonderful family surrounding him :-)

  2. This is fantastic, Megan. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. :)


  3. Megan, you are an awesome writer. Such a wonderful perspective on things and so healthy. Praying as always for you and Chris and the family. Bless you for having the courage to share.


  4. You amaze me that you are able to be so positive and uplifting thru such trying times. You are a true inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing. Great pictures too. :)