Thursday, March 24, 2011

Central lines and such....

January 2011
Yesterday I was working on the slide show for our Bone Marrow awareness night when I was struck with how much Christian has grown and developed in the little time that this has all transpired. I sometimes forget that this is going to be such a long process that we need to continue to nuture his growth and development or else before we know it he will be four and a half!  We looked at one picture when Christian was first diagnosed at the end of January and then another picture taken last week (a short 8 weeks later) and it seems as though almost overnight he turn into a boy instead of my cute little toddler. Now don’t get me wrong he is still cute – now more than ever with his little fuzz top and skinny bum! But he seems to have transitioned into a mature little boy – with so much understanding and knowledge. Knowledge of things a little boy shouldn’t have knowledge of.  Words like encephalon, Septra, Chemo, Poke, noodles (his central line), cancer, medicine and dressing changes. He continues to amaze us each day and we are continually blessed each day. He really wanted some pop today and we didn't have any in the house. I explained to him that we would get some as soon as we could but for now there was none. So he turns to me and says, "Well, in the meantime I will have some juice",  I didn't even know he knew what that word was!

Getting used to the central line
Today he was helping me clean up my bedroom and he spied his swimming pants. He held them up and looked at them longingly.  Up until today he seemed not bothered by the things that he can’t do anymore, like going swimming, going to the play park at the mall, going to gymnastics and hanging out at daddy’s school.  I have often asked him if he would like to do something – knowing full well that I would have to say no if he chose something that was on the ‘naughty’ list.  And normally he responds, “No thank you”. I can never quite understand how somebody who is going through such a terrible time and must be feeling so horrible and bored can be so polite and positive.  But today I asked him, “Do you miss going swimming?”  And he sadly shook his head yes and put the pants down. It made me want to cry a thousand tears knowing that this situation will not change for another 10 months. He is required to have that central line in until about Christmas time. The central line coming out of his chest means no swimming, no water, basically no submersion in anything. The central line, for those of you not privy to central line mechanics, is a small tube that goes into his chest from just above his collarbone. The tube then travels from a vein in his neck into his heart.  It allows medications to be administered directly into his heart thereby reducing the chance of accidents with the chemo drugs and also significantly reduces the amount of ‘pokes’ that he has to have. It is a necessary evil that makes things a bit complex but in the long run really is better for Christian.

Please keep the bone marrow awareness event in your mind and don’t forget to register via the link on the right hand side of the blog.  Come back and let me know via email or leave a comment on the blog. For those of you reading on the Eastern side of Canada we need you to start getting things going over there - lets HONOUR CHRISTIAN'S FIGHT. Thanks for reading and all the wonderful comments that I have received. You all encourage me to keep writing. Nighty night

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