Saturday, December 3, 2011


Nurse Elly teaching him how to shoot out of a syring!
I am going to try and borrow a blog idea from a friend of mine and have a 'wordless weekend' - just beautiful pics of things I love. Now those you who know me...know I am not very often "wordless", but i will try! To follow is a few beautiful pics of Christian enjoying his time at the hospital by having a bath and "syringe" water fights with the nurses. We made it through our five day chemo session well and the NG tube has been successfull (even though he is DEFINATELY not happy about it). Thanks for your continued prayers.

Last day at gymnastics before Christmas break

Getting certificate for gymnastics

Not loving the NG tube

Christmas beauty - thank you Browns!


  1. Wonderful pictures Megan. (But the one of Christian with the NG tube is so sad.) Poor guy. He's such a trooper. Love the syringe fights. :)

    Lise Wendt

  2. haha not quite wordless ;) but another beautiful post yet again. much love xxx

  3. Oh Megan I pray for Christian every night and for your family to get through this time. I myself am battling this terrible disease which is very hard on my 8th old daughter. I am confident God is by my side as well as many friends and family, with angels like my best friend Julie lean on them Megan.