Saturday, August 6, 2011


Who's cool? 
Super powers he has but Mr. Incredible? I am not sure! We have watched the movie, “The Incredibles” everyday, and sometimes multiple times in one day, for the past six months. It is our go to movie at bedtime. I find it curious that Christian becomes so interested in superhero’s at a time in his life when he needs one the most. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Mr. Incredible have nothing on my boy. The feats he accomplishes each week and the battles he wins each day are more super than these fictitious characters. What Christian does is real and the battle he is trying to win is real and the outcome will not be over when the magazine is closed and the movie turns off.

 Christian is growing up to be such an interesting little character. With a mind of his own (hence the sunglasses) but wanting so intensely to be like his daddy. He is such a little ‘mini me’ and Chris and I share many smiles and laughs daily courtesy of Christians little ‘Crowlisms’. I think he feels cool in his new sunglasses – which I am sure have something to do with hanging out with Greg Kresse at the golf tournament, (speaking of mini me!)
Even though it may not mean much to those of you reading this blog there are so many things I want to remember about this time in our lives. Things that Christian does, things that Evelyn says and discoveries Ryan makes. For example Ryan discovered the other day that he can ride the ‘big boy’ quad all by himself  - it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Only to be followed by falling over (not off the bike mind you!) and hitting his mouth on the chair and cutting his gums open. Today he went up a stair for the first time and soon will be ruling the roost when it comes to the toy room! Evelyn struggles to find her place in this sibling triad and will do just about anything to find some attention – right down to decorating Kelly and Heath’s sofa with a blue sharpie…sigh.  She is so smart and picks up on just about anything said around her. She makes mention of things she has done months ago (like going to the zoo with Rod and Marilyn) and recalls them like it was yesterday. She finds joy in scaring her daddy with any picture of a snake she can find, “Look daddy – a snake!” I love that my kids really seem to find joy in each other and taking care of each other. Christian is such a big helper and wants to be apart of any construction; moving or organizing that goes on in the house. 
Love those blue eyes
So it is big chemo time already and we are off to the hospital tomorrow AM and being admitted to unti 1 for week #28 treatment.  We are hoping that he doesn’t get too sick and most importantly that we don’t end up in the hospital in six days time with a fever. Knowing that his immune system is only get weaker makes me so nervous, especially as Chris gets ready to head back to work. Back to an office filled with 300 school aged children with runny noses, stomach flu’s and ring worm (ok kidding about the ring worm!).  It will feel very weird to have him gone from home all day and I know the kids are going to miss him terribly. Oh well back to some sort of ‘real life’.   
mommy's little helper
Wednesday Chris and Evelyn will leave for Nova Scotia for a much needed Maritime escape from reality. Visiting family, hitting the beach, park, golf course and of course Murphy’s fish and chips is just what the family Dr. ordered! However it is not with out great trepidation that Christian, Ryan and myself will leave a week later to join the family vacation. I am praying very hard that Christian stays healthy, keeps out of hospital and has the energy to keep up with his cousins. That being said, even if he has to just sit on the park bench or in a lawn chair at the beach or ride in the golf cart for the whole 18, there is something about the air in the east that brings a gentle peace to your soul. The rush of life seems to fade and the worries and bills of home can, for the time being, wait.
Like father - like son
I was listening to a song by Matthew West tonight, Strong Enough, and it really does bring to light how the struggles of our life is what brings us closer to God. Not until we are “at rock bottom, do we start looking up”.  When things are well and life seems smooth it is easy to forget to be thankful and give praise for the gifts we receive. It is easy to think that we can do everything on our own with no help or guidance. That we know best. But these struggles in our lives is what can bring us closer to God. It is these difficult times when we can learn to let go of this strangle hold we have on our circumstances and say, “You know best and so I will follow the path you lay out for me”. That we trust that God knows best and will lead us to a better life and a better understanding of our purpose on earth. FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE. Thanks for reading.

Today I am thankful for:
1.     Christian music that makes me raise my hands in hope
2.     Christians rock star sunglasses
3.     Food in our fridge, water in our taps

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  1. Can't wait to see you all. Megan when you talk about Christian being like his dad,I remember one night at poke time things were not going to well(couldn't get that other need in) you were in tears,Christian fogot about himself and was worried about you That is just what Chris would do. Their hearts are maybe 2 sizes bigger