Monday, August 15, 2011

Grassi Lakes - Losing Locks

Never met a park he didn't like!

What a fantastic summer we have been having. Despite weekly trips to the hospital for chemo and checkups (and one extended stay for fever and neutropeonia) we have made the best of this wonderful Calgary weather! Most recently Christian’s cousins from Ontario have come to visit so we have had some extra special outings. Firstly Christian went to his first big movie – Cars 2! I think that Chris and I enjoyed the movie more than he did! Evelyn thought it was great and danced around most of the time.
Making pancakes with cousin Shannon

So diligent!
Picnic in the mountains - never get tired of these!
We also have indulged in MANY day trips to the mountains for our weekly fix of mountain air. The standard picnic in the park, throw rocks off the boat launch and hike to the rock climb has become our family favorite. Today Christian and I hiked down to the Grassi lakes climb (pictures to follow at a later date!) and he did amazing. I was so impressed that he hiked down such a step slope with uneven terrain. I could tell he was nervous but felt very proud of himself. He asked me if I thought uncle Dalton would be proud he had climbed down so far! What a cutie! At one point he said to me, “I think I would rather be golfing!” Poor kid – mom drags him out to the mountains when daddy isn’t around to go golfing! It was a fantastic day and he enjoying exploring the caves with the girls. As we climbed back out of Grassi lakes he rode in the backpack and encouraged me the whole way, “come on mommy – I know you can do it!” It was great.
 Earlier in the week we had a great trip to Callaway park. Christian went on some rides that I had no idea he could go on - he is braver than I - and enjoyed hanging out with cousin Isabelle and Sophia. And to cap off Shannon's trip out west we finished off the week with a bonfire at our new house. Thanks for the great times Shannon and Luke! 

On a bit of a sadder note Christian started losing his hair again last night. I don’t think he has noticed but it makes me sad and I know how much he enjoyed having hair again. His morning ritual of putting gel in his hair with Grammy will have to wait for another five months or so until it grows back when his treatment are completed in December. I think he is doing so amazing when it comes to dealing with his chemotherapy. It becomes more apparent everyday how difficult these next few months will be for him as his body is smashed down by the chemo treatments. However his constant pursuit of play and happiness is was makes this process easier to bear and the end of this nightmare is tangible.

Today I dared to think of a time when he won't be constantly tired, whinny, skinny, sick to him stomach, arms covered in band aids and dreading his nightly pokes and medications. I dared to think of a day when our family is free from this cancer demon and we can pursue life to our fullest. The other day as I was trying to orchestrate his ‘pokes’ he was being exceptionally apprehensive about his nightly ritual. I gave him some time and said I would be back shortly so we could finish our ‘chores’. When I returned upstairs he said to me, “Ok here is the deal: you do my pokes, its going to hurt so I am going to cry a little and then we will watch the movie - ok?”. My heart dropped to my feet and I wished I could take every needle from here to the moon so he would not have to do this anymore.
Luke, Chrisitan and I kicking the ball in Canmore
I pray for emotional strength to stay positive and be a good parent for Christian and the rest of our crew. I pray that I can be supportive wife for Chris as he heads back to work in a few weeks. I pray that we will continue to find the good in the circumstances we are experiencing. And mostly I pray that God continues to soften my heart so that I can truly see and hear his words.
Thanks for reading

Today I am thankful for:
1.     Christian giving me a high five at the end of our climb and saying, “I knew you could do it!”
2.     Costco
3.     The anticipation of a much needed vacation!
First row litle guy on the end - Thanks aunty Dianne!

Two peas in a pod!

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  1. Dear Megan, I am a friend of a friend....but follow your blog and shed tears and cheer you on! What an amazing woman you are for your family. My prayers are with you and your dear son. And if I can ever be of any help in any way, I will be there.

    Carol Clifford