Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tales of Radiation

Radiation is the topic of the day around our house lately. People ask us how we are doing and the general response has something to do with Christian’s radiation. How he is feeling, which is fairly well, although he is getting more and more tired each day. How are we doing, which is well considering we are not the ones receiving the radiation! However, I am not doing to lie, I am NOT used to getting up at 630am every morning! But as Chris and I quickly realized the drive to the foothills everyday is beautiful as we get to stare at the mountains for most of the drive, unfortunately at some point we make a sharp turn and the then the view off Crowchild trail is just not as nice! I attached some pictures of Christian’s daily radiation encounter so everybody can see what he is doing and the things he is seeing and experiencing.
His "RADIATION" Calender...sticker for each completion until #28
"Day Room" where he goes to sleep and wakes up each day.
His amazing nurse Patty (L) and Resp. Tech (R)

Trying to wake up from daily anesthetic
Today Christian completes his 17th treatment so we only have 11 left. His last radiation treatment will be on our five-year wedding anniversary. I can’t decide if this is a good gift or not! Anyways it gets us thinking about the path our life has taken since we decided to get married, the dips in the road and the peaks of the mountains we have climbed. The beautiful things we have seen and experienced and the hardships we have known – I don’t think we would change a thing. It is truly the journey and not the destination that make this life special. So each day we squeeze our kids tight and make the best of each situation we are presented with.  Tomorrow is not a right but a privilege and even though Christian is the one who is ill, none of us are guaranteed our breath so we must grab onto life and go for the ride. Don’t hold back and wonder…… go forth and explore and discover.  

My favorite quote is,” Life is not measure by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away”.
Evan and Ryan enjoying each other at the park


  1. praying for Christian and your family

  2. This blog is such an eye-opener Megan, keep 'em coming. Your write so beautifully. From the heart. Our prayers are with you. xo Lorraine

  3. Always in my heart and thoughts! Big hugs!


  4. The photos of Christian at his radiation treatment are sobering. Thanks for sharing them. Still praying, still believing for his and Jayden's complete healing!

    Nancy F.

  5. What a fighter! Thinking of you guys everyday.