Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Radiation, Rides and Superman!

Big and small - love the boat ride!

Smiles, smiles, a hot dog and a few more smiles.  What a great day at Callaway park courtesy of Jamie’s Preschool (a preschool in Calgary specifically designed for immune suppressed children).  It is a yearly event hosted by Callaway park where they graciously open their doors for a private session for the fragile kids of Jamie’s pre-school. The school genially extended an invitation to any child currently battling cancer and what a great gift for Christian. In a year when he is limited by so many things it was so sweet to have something special for him to do.

I am in control!

After our radiation session at the Foothills we saunterd down highway 1 and made our way to the park. All of the children spent the whole morning with ear to ear’s and Christian was on cloud nine.  Our wonderful host, Austin, took the families through the park stopping at each of the kids rides for a turn or two! The rollercoaster, bumper cars and carrousel where the hits of the day. Before lunch Austin opened up the big rollercoaster for the adults. What a cool thing to do for the parents and siblings in the group and a good reminder that cancer affects the whole family. And the whole family needs support, love and fun! After a morning of ‘ride gluttony’ Callaway Park put on a barbeque for the kids – so it was hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream all around. Christian downed almost a whole hot dog and we were off to the hospital to get his chemo #22. This put Christian officially past his half way point. Five long months – it feels like we have been doing this forever  - in fact I can’t really remember what life was like before Christian got sick. What occupied our time? What was really important? These are lessons I pray I can keep in my heart. 
Kissing on the rides - is this allowed? 
Chris and I continue to feel so blessed by the people are around us. I truly feel as though Christian has this amazing spirit that draws people to him and newcomers have no option but to instantly love him! Recently one of Christian’s favorite things to do is to accompany his dad to Golf Town. The lovely staff at the Signal Hill location knows Christian well and welcome him to the simulator so he can hit a few balls. Earlier on this week he brought his driver with him (just in case!) and of course was able to hit a few balls.  He was then presented with the most amazing club cover, which he covets. The cover is a sign of Christian’s strength and, I feel, will for the rest of his life be an indicator of the super human strength he has shown in this battle for his life. 

Today I am thankful for:
1. Callaway Park
2. Stony Trail (that's for you Doug!)
3. Warm, soft comfy bed with Christians skinny arms on my chest

Bumper car champ!

Doesn't the smile say it all?


  1. Thank you for all the blog posts Megan, I love seeing photos of your family and you feel closer to me. When Eva was sick the hospital made sure Lucia and Siena were spoilt with birthday presents and trips to the movies and such, it was so important for them to feel special with Eva receiving so much of mine and Andrew's time.

    The smooch photo is priceless, I love it.

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate the half way point in Christian's chemo and the completion (nearly) of radiation! I love his huge smile in all the photos - he sure deserves a day of carefree fun like this with everything he's had to deal with (you all do).
    His new driver cover is perfect as it reflects how we all feel about the courage and strength he displays every day in his battle with cancer. He'll have to take Luke and Shannon to the driving range and show them how it's done when they come out to see you guys!
    Say hi to everyone in the Crowell household! Thinking of you all every day...

  3. Hi Megan...I have just started reading your blog and I ache to see what you have to go through with your little man. I will hold my son tighter tonight and every night and count my blessings. I signed up with the registry also in the hope that maybe I can help out in some small way!! Take care