Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have been writing this particular blog for 4 days now, as per normal I struggle with expression. I struggle with putting words to the feelings in my heart. Thankfully today, nothing short of jubilation can describe my emotions upon hearing that Christian continues to be in remission. Yesterday we spent the day at the hospital while he went through the gamut of tests, scans and multiple needles. This morning I called our primary nurse and waited on the line with bated breath while she silently read the report. She lets out a long breath and says, “Its all good”. Can I express the anxiety that I have been feeling these past few days? I don’t think so. I try to imagine what I would feel or think if something showed up on his tests. I purposely have been trying to not make plans or have expectations for the near future. Now today I feel so light and rejuvenated with hope for Christian’s immediate future. There have been a few families in our oncology world who have received some bad news and I cannot help but wonder if that could possibly happen to us. I don’t want to let the thoughts creep into my brain but it is impossible to stop them. I watch their faces as they move about and wonder how they deal with the news, how would I deal with the news? All I am going to think about right now is what clothes I am going to pack for my kids when we leave for Florida in two weeks. I am going to dream about our days in the sand and the sun. Praise God. Now for the rest of the blog I have been trying to write this past week…
Christian and Evelyn hang'
I woke up to fresh Tim Horton’s coffee, breakfast sandwich and Christian’s skinny little arms wrapped around my neck. What a way to start Mother’s day. Mothers day….I have been trying to work out in my head what it means to me, what do I want from mothers day? Without my amazing children, mother’s day would be moot. So for my gift this year I just want to wake up each morning with my children, with Christian. I want to feel confident that he is going to be around to bless us each Mother’s day with home made mothers day cards and construction paper flowers.

Today I am volunteering at the Hockey Marathon in support of the Alberta Children’s hospital (Oncology and NICU departments). I have spent the day trying to nurture the wounds of these men who have soldiered on for nine days now. Getting only minimal hours of sleep each day, fighting blisters, sprains, strains, flu, pneumonia, infections and fatigue. Yet each of these men, I think, would do it 100 times over if they thought it would save one more little person from the vile clutches of cancer. With only one day to go they are over half way to their goal of trying to raise 1.5 million dollars to support Cancer treatment and research. So right now Christian and I are sitting in the treatment area where us therapists are working on the players. It is dark and quiet so the players who are not currently on the ice can sleep and rest in peace. The valiant quest is so honorable and my fragile state of mind has me spontaneously breaking into tears when I think about the children, my child, fighting for their lives. These men battle to honor the kids fighting at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and I pray that their hard work will help the staff at the ACH give these kids the best chance of survival. If you want to make a donation to the hockey marathon or just check out some pictures, the link to their website is below.

Going for a ride out to visit Oscar

Getting some tape on my wrist

Stretching out those tight legs!!!
It was such a fun day for Christian as he got a ride out on the ice with one of the boys to visit the players. He helped me to wrap up some of the guys and gently applied tape to their sore spots. I hope he was able to provide them with some inspiration and motivation to keep going. I am so thankful for the opportunities we have been given by the hospital and the people in the community. I wish I had more words to express but I don’t so all I can say is thanks.
Christian's oncologist, Dr. Lewis checking out Christians tummy

Today I am thankful for:

1.Watching Christian sitting in the tub without any dressing
2.Rubbing my cheek on Christians soft fuzzy head
Written on the board at the rink
3.Lyall Marshall and the boys of the hockey marathon (special thank you to Oscar for making Christian feel special)
Long day at the ACH


  1. Wow, great news about Christian! And how AWESOME is that hockey marathon! First I heard about it was reading your blog tonight, in the meantime I get a message to join the surprise flash mob at the rink tomorrow morning! I'm gonna do my best to get out the door with the kids in time to make it out there to cheer on those guys in honour of all those kids that fight the battle with Christian, thanks Meagan for all you do to make a difference ~Crystal

  2. Meagan you have kept us so well informed that sometimes I felt I was right there with you .I am overjoyed at the newes that your fight has been won .How good is God ? He is AWESOME.
    You said you didn't know the words to say ,Wow you do a wonderful job ,those words jump from you fingures tips to our hearts .
    You are an awesome mom,enjoy your trip to the sun shine state and remember the SON shines on you and your family.Love you Margaret (New Glasgow)

    1. I would just like to second everything Margaret writes. God is AWESOME,so are you and your family! Blessings! Patricia (Antigonish)

  3. Megan everyday I read your blog a new one or an old one doesn't matter, but it makes me look at the day in a better way. Makes me feel closer to Chris you and the kids . And the pictures of their smiles make me start the day with a smile , Thank you for this love you Marilyn

  4. Great news Megan!!

  5. Thank God he answers prayers have a safe and wonderful trip