Monday, June 4, 2012

Full Circle

Rocking the waves
On the way to the beach
Only a few words are needed - a picture is truly worth a thousand words. After so many long days, weeks and months. We are here. Praise God for his faithfullness in leading us to this glorious place. 

Pool time


Chillin' on the beach after our night swim


  1. I've been following your story from the beginning and you guys are such an inspiration. I've been praying for you guys all along and I actually got shivers when I saw the picture of Chris and Christian. It makes me so happy to see that your family is "free" so to speak. Christian looks so healthy and a shade of how he looked just weeks ago! Thanks Megan for all the posts. God bless!

  2. Through all the blogs there has been tears, happy ,sad and fear. Today they are just happy tears, Christian looks so good and happy ,like the little boy at the beach in PEI just three summers ago,walking into the water with his mom and dad, a picture I have never fogotten. So much has change ,but the happy picture is the same. Love you all so much Thank you god for Christian .

  3. What a blessed way to start the day!

  4. You all look so good!!!!!! Healthy. Happy. Peaceful.

    And look at that hair coming in Mr. Christian! Lovely.

    Lise Wendt

  5. Sweet!!

    It's awesome to see Christian looking so happy and healthy at long last. Looks like you all had a wonderful time enjoying the sun, surf, and sand. Best blog posting ever!


  6. Got a little teary looking at these pictures, knowing the battle you have all fought to get to this point. Bless your little man.

    Enjoy the beach, the sun and most importantly, being together.

    PS: I love seeing the hair on Christian's head get thicker and thicker. He's looking so healthy and happy...makes my heart smile.

  7. I found out about this blog through a friend of a friend- and I have been avidly reading the blogs and enjoying the pictures. My mother is currently fighter cancer, and to hear about Christian's strength and courage has inspired and encouraged me throughout this time.

    Seeing this blog has put a smile on my face, and I am so very happy for your family.